The Directed Studies Timeline is an ongoing collaborative effort between the students and faculty of DS and is supported by both the Yale Libraries and the office of Academic Media and Technology.

Barbara Rockenbach, Director of Undergraduate and Library Research Education, and Ken Panko, Manager of the Instructional Technology Group, shepherded the project through its development and implementation with great skill and generosity.

Yianni Yessios, Manager of Web Technologies, is responsible for all the technical workings and many design features of the timeline. Without him nothing was made.

The initial data set for the timeline was developed by Margaux Calhoun, Kevin Gallagher, and Emily Stevens. These students also contributed invaluably to early design decisions.

DS faculty members Mark Bauer, Verity Hart, Kathryn Slanski, and Norma Thompson contributed material and design ideas for this project from its earliest stages; and Jane Levin, Director of Undergraduate Studies for DS, offered enabling support and encouragement throughout.